i've decided to use this to update about crossfire and Refind and other church happenings, seeing as how this is the Christ UMC Youth Blog.

so, sunday night at crossfire started off a little, well, off. i'll start from the beginning of practice. i got there at about 130 or so, and plugged my electric in. kelly showed up, and she played the piano. i didnt realzie shaun was there, so we all hung out a bit. then everyone else started getting there, and we started. it was weird because we had 1 more guitarist than usual, and i dont know. it sounded like there was a little too much there. little did we know that that night was what i so affectionately refer to as "instrument-hell." david snapped a string on his acoustic, kevin's amp was buzzing pretty badly, i dropped my guitar 3 or 4 times and broke my cable, steve's amp was crapped out pretty badly so it had to be miked, and the 2nd to last song we were playing that night, mickey broke the bass drum head. but, jonathan didn't mess anything up. we finally decided (with 30 minutes left until we had to begin playing) that we would jsut have the old praise band, instrument wise, play and have 4 singers (lara, cameron, kelly, and lauren). we ran through it all pretty fast, and it sounded alright. when we were about to begin, cameron wasn't there. so josh had to fill in for a couple songs. the rest of the night went great, with the exception of the bass drum head breaking, and we got through it. well, i should say that God got us through it and i'm glad that he's blessed the church with talented people who can get through stress. i felt so sorry for josh. he seemed so stressed out, and he seemed like he was about to explode.

afterwards, there was some hanging out, then we all went to our respective places.

Next Update Schedule For: Wednesday, February 9th, 2005


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