My First Post

so, the Big J (josh masterson) has invited me to uhmm...post on this thing. so i will. i'll probablly only use this one for minor things, like insightful jokes and whatnot. so dont oyu worry Blogging world, i am still faithful to Xanga. but we've talked, and we're agreeing that i can see other blogs.
crossfire is flipping fun. come to it. josh is there, and hes dreamy, but not really.
farewell world of blog. so much for my first post.


New Blog!!

New Blog! Woo hoo!

We'll see how this thing turns out, but hey, it'll be fun to play with, if nothing else.

I'm in College Station right now, attending Crunch Time 2005. It is fun stuff. Sadly, I came by myself, since no youth signed up. Next year, man, next year I'm bringing 30 youth! For real. seriously.

No, it's a pretty neat retreat. I like it. But, of course, I helped start it, so I am slightly biased. It's a retreat for high school juniors and seniors run by college kids at the Texas A&M Wesley. Because college kids do it, it is both high energy, slightly confusing, and varies in quality from year to year. But it is completely unique.

Anyways, this Sunday is my first Sunday at Christ UMC. I am both excited and a little nervous. It's been a little while since I've been to Crossfire, and I hear its changed quite a bit. Cool. I'm pumped!

Let the craziness ensue!!!!!